Patient Participation Group

PPG Meeting

All patients are welcome to attend our Patient Participation Group (PPG)

A Patient Participation Group (PPG) is a collection of patients registered at Park Lane Practice who have an interest in our provided services. The aim of the PPG is to represent patients’ views, cross barriers, embrace diversity and work in partnership with the Practice to improve common understanding.

The PPG aims to act as the ‘voice of patients’, reflecting local views and opinions and thus having a say in changes and decisions taken within the Practice. The Practice can also use the PPG as a ‘sounding board’ for new ideas.
The PPG will work together with the Practice Management and the GP’s to form a link between patients and the Practice and help to identify new services to meet patients needs.

For more information or to become part off our PPG please contact Lucy, Practice Manager on 0191 5026470.

PPG Minutes Report